We believe it’s important for teenagers to have a safe place they can go to explore their questions about faith. Our student ministry is for all teens 6th grade thru 12th grade. Our Youth Group program currently meets on Wednesday nights from 6:30pm-8:00pm. But we’re excited to share that we’ll be expanding our youth space with the construction of a new facility here at First Christian Church, which will allow us to offer more opportunities for students to build stronger relationships with God and one another. 
UPCOMING SERIES  – Begins February 27
The Bible. We all know reading it is important (or at least that’s what we’ve been told), but if we’re being honest, we probably don’t give it the time or attention we know we should. Sometimes we avoid Scripture because it seems boring or irrelevant. Other times we avoid it because it’s too time-consuming, inconvenient, or maybe even convicting. So how do we change that? In this 4-week series, we’ll encourage students to both see and engage with the Bible in a new way as we help them discover that the Bible is a love letter, a guide, an invitation, and something that’s meant to be lived (not just read).



For Middle School students: CIY BELIEVE March 1-2   Cost: $60



If you would like to receive weekly text reminders about Youth Group and anything else coming up, contact Lance and he will add you to the list

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Youth Sponsor
If you like being around awesome MS and HS students, then this is the right place for you! Our sponsors are a committed group of adults who attend our Wednesday night youth group program and help make the evening run smoothly by leading a small group and assisting in other areas such as worship, running presentation program, sound, food prep, leading games, etc. If you would like to explore opportunities to join our team of Youth Sponsors, contact Lance!
We plan a few bigger events throughout the year and some special youth group nights that may involve transportation. Sometimes we need help transporting kids for these events.  If you are willing to be contacted to help as a chaperone and/or driver contact Lance and he’ll put you on the list!
It’s no secret that teenagers like to eat…A LOT! We love to feed our teenagers when they come to youth group on Wednesday nights as many come straight from school or from practices. If you love to bake and prepare meals, we can certainly give you opportunities throughout the year to use your gift! Let Lance know and he will give you some dates to plan on.
We wish we could offer every opportunity for free, but for many of our bigger opportunities like camp and conferences, it’s just not possible. We don’t like to burden families with too much cost over the course of a year and really don’t want students to not be able to attend certain events because of money. If you would like to donate towards a student’s expense for events this year, contact Lance to make arrangements!