you belong here regardless…

We know that it can feel overwhelming walking through the doors of a new church… but you belong to the Father, and that makes you family in our here! We have come together to answer frequently asked questions so that you can spend more time connecting and less time wondering what is coming next.
Whether you’re more comfortable dressed up or down, just come as you are! FCC is typically a pretty casual church.
We have two Sunday morning entrances: one on the south side & one on the west side of the building. Come in whichever is closer, and be sure to stop by a greeter station!
We have an amazing group of volunteer greeters ready to help your visit go smoothly. Shake hands, swap names, and ask any questions you may have!
We offer childcare for children ages birth to fifth grade. Whether you need the nursery or the Sunday school, our greeters can show you the way! Let us take the guesswork out of your visit! 
We worship to a mix of music. All lyrics are displayed on our screens to assist you in following along, but please never feel pressured to sing.
We share around the Lord’s table each Sunday at Christ’s own invitation. All followers are welcome to partake as the trays are passed, but please never feel pressured to do so.
We offer two identical services each Sunday; one at 8:30 & 10:15. This time is about developing a deeper connection with Jesus, and we want you to participate in a way that you’re comfortable with. The worship leader may direct you to stand or sit a few times during the service, but if you’re more comfortable sitting in silence please feel free to do so.
Feel free to stop by The Good Cup, located in the fellowship hall outside the sanctuary, for a cup of coffee or a breakfast item! The Good Cup will be open before first and second service. There is nothing like fellowship and great coffee to kick-start your Sunday!

 West Entrance

South Entrance