Several years ago, FCC positioned itself around a mission statement that we believe defines why we exist as a church. To bring people to an ever-growing relationship with Jesus! More recently, we have rallied around a simple theme that makes it personal for all of us: “ONE MORE!” We are convinced that God has more for us and is asking more from us as we purpose to reach more people for Him. Believing we have great opportunity to reach young families through the ministry of BCA and FCC’s youth ministries, but realizing we are maxed out when it comes to available space, we believe it is imperative for us to expand our facility.
Therefore, we are taking bold steps of faith to follow God in a facility addition to the east of our building which will contain 7 BCA classrooms and a designated space for our Student Ministry. Construction is already underway on this project. The hope is that it would be available to occupy by January 1st. Please continue to be in prayer for this effort!


So far, just over 80 families have pledged additional support to this One More campaign. We would like to reach 100 families by the end of the year! If you would like to pledge support to this campaign, please take a few moments to fill out the pledge form to the right. We’re excited to see what God will do through your gift and how He will allow us to impact His kingdom through this new facility!